Author Paradise

Author Paradise

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Out of Control

Well guys,
I am back and I have done my checking and OMP is still going on with their BS! Can you believe what hard learners these people are? They cleared out the main page, but if you click on the authors in the bestseller's list, you can still purchase the books. Seriously, these guys are not going to learn and come tax time, the authors there will get dinged because according to law, you are still earning money from this company though you aren't really.

They think that because they take the author list down and cleared off the main page it means that the books cannot still be bought. They can be and if you authors doesnt want to be in trouble come tax time, you ought to do something.

Moving to Dragon Spell erm Lyrical Press. Has anyone noticed that they are using the Ameican Idol logo for their new contest? Can you say copyright infringement lawsuit? And what is up with that boring as hell website? Anyways the website is the least of their troubles because the owner (At least one of them) is going around and bad mouthing other publishers when her house isnt even off the ground yet. And isn't there a law that says books over a certain length MUST have an ISBN number? Does anyone else notice that none of the "coming soon" books has any? You guys may want to look into that. I wish her all the best but authors, keep your eyes open. Or as my friend would say "sleep with one eye open" to watch for the knife and your back because we all know its coming.

Must go back to studying me loverlies, see you around...
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