Author Paradise

Author Paradise

Monday, March 31, 2008

OMP Host Gator Update

Hey everyone,
I am on my way to bed but thought I would stop by and leave this note. As you know I sent a letter to Hoste Gator asking if they can do something about the whole OMP thing. The person who responded was rather rude but he did make a valid point. He said that you should send them proof that OMP is using their services to operate illegally and they can work from there.

Here's the email

Hello,Well, how are we to know about a supposedly deadbeat publisher? The publisher may or may not be MIA, they may just be ignoring emails, we have no clue as we don't police our accounts with such scrutiny. If you can provide proof that something illegal has gone on, please do send it this way.However, if I were anyone dealing with this company, I'd simply sue them for backpay + royalties + interest.


I removed his name but if you'd like to complain or send proof to them you will have to send it to or visit their website

Well I'm going to bed...

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