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Author Paradise

Friday, February 8, 2008

Lyrical Press er Dragonspell er....

Hello my lovelies,
It seems some people dont ever get sick of petty things. As far as what I can uncover (I mean really, it's all over the internet) the owner of Lyrical Press (AKA Dragon Spell) Rene Rocco aka Lyons used to do covers for Red Rose Publishing. For whatever reason, she is no longer doing that and opened her own company. I've been hearing that she privately wrote to authors of Red Rose asking them to join her new venture. First of all, that's illegal. You should not use information gained through working for a company to help your company. Let's say the authors did not appreciate this since Rene wrote them at their private emails.

Now, it seems that Rene is going around spreading rumors about Red Rose so I did some checking. Here's what I have found. *puts on a rather impressive Sherlock Holmes hat*

Red Rose publishing is an epublisher. It is listed as an LLC so legally they can publish your work. It was started by Wendi Felter . Authors gets monthly statements on time as well as they are paid on time every month. They WELCOME multicultural/interracial work (this can be proven by their scores of IR authors), gay romance etc. They reply to readers personally and it is reported that Wendi is very accessible by email, IM and telephone.

Rene Rocco on the other hand is not so favorable. Lyrical Press has not been opened yet and already two authors have jumped ship. Though one author refuse to comment (and I assumed the other would not comment either *sigh*) this Diva will assume it was contract issues. They've changed their name from Dragon Spell to Lyrical (it is rumored that it is because Dragon Spell is tainted all over the internet) But anyways, if you go here ( you will find some other unfavourable reports as well as here ( and the list goes on.

*sigh* now who would you rather publish your work?

Will keep you updated on that.

As of this blog, I have gotten no response from Ocean's Mist Press and it doesn't seem as though I will be getting one. So authors BEWARE.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

OMP - Outright Defiance

Hello my Lovelies,
I come again with dramas from Ocean's Mist Press. I am sending a note to you from some authors that are not pleased with them at the moment and here is the note:

Hello everyone,
I can't stress enough how wrong this is and so unfair. I checked Ocean's Mist Press' website and they refuse to take my books down. I have asked them time and time again and they still refuse to pay me for the ones that sell off the site. I got a really nice review for one of my stories but it was posted this past January.

Please DO NOT buy any of my books from Ocean's Mist Press!!!

I will not see a penny of the proceeds. They are just taking advantage of me because they know my readers think my books are available through them. Not true!! They have grossly broken our contract and I have my rights back and will not be returning to OMP. So not only are they playing me, the author, by not paying me for what selld from the site, but they are playing you, the reader because you think you're helping me by buying my books!

Let's put an end to all their games and shut them down! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM OCEAN"S MIST PRESS! They are nothing more than common theives!
I do want to thank you all for buying my work, all who have supported me in the past and now, but please check my website to see where the book is officially located in the future. Thank you and hugs to you all.

See what I mean? I have emailed them through all the emails I could find for them, through their groups and no responce. So here's what I think. I think that they are making money from their authors and they have NO intention of paying the authors for their works. They are player the authors and the READERS like suckers. Readers buy an author's work to support said author. If said author does not get a penny from said work then said Reader is a sucker. They don't give a damn about the readers or the authors and they are still seeking submissions from new authors. OMP is trying to trap their authors into their contracts by not removing them from their site.

That is disgusting what they are doing and by not responding to my emails they are cowards. Yes, that's right I said it. If I'm wrong, then prove it. Give the authors back their works and stop tying the author's hands by keeping their work when they all wished you to go to hell..

I cannot stress this enough. New author, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Research the publisher before you send your work to them! Make sure they have a good reputation. Do not buy from a publisher that hasn't had new releases in MONTHS...a good publisher should have releases at least once or twice a month. Please please please check the author's websites before you purchase their work. You want to make sure that the author you are trying to support is actually getting your support.

Will update soon

Friday, February 1, 2008

*UPDATE* Well Ecata apparently cant stand the heat...

Well guys,
This update is gonna be quick. Well Ecata probably was tired of the emails. I sent them one too asking some pointed question like what the hell they were thinking and all of a sudden this was put up:

Here is the link:

Aliyah Burke is 2nd for Best Romance 2007, she lost by 20 votes.
Shara Azod won all of her catagories.

Nice work and congratulations to 2 very talented authors!

To everyone who wrote a letter to Ecata, thank you, you have done a wonderful service to these authors because we KNOW they are amazing writers! Now, Ecata may think that because they changed their websites that everyone is going to forget and we can't find it again? But guess what Ecata : Once you put things on the internet? IT'S OUT THERE! YOU CAN'T TAKE IT BACK! Trust me on that one.

OMP Update:

I have sent an email to OMP:

I have questions about OMP.

Why is it your website is up and selling author works, when staff has gone MIA at OMP for months and you have obviously violated the authors' contracts?
When are you going to pay the authors you have and how do they know that they didn't sell anything more than what you're giving them?
Do you know that authors can legally send their work to other publishing houses because from reading your contract it went null and void after you went mising for months?
Why are you still recruiting new authors when you cannot pay the old ones?
Please note that should you not reply to these questions, you will be held accountable on Writer's Dish. This is your chance to shed some light on the story and tell your side.

Author Crusader--

Let's see what happens...

Racism for Interracials Romance

Ok Guys, here's something that pisses me off. Memo to Ecata Romance - Slavery and segregation is over! Why would you take down the Interracials for all white characters? I am tired of being politically correct. So as of right now, PC is out the window.

Aliyah Burke and Shara Azod were nominated for an award with Ecata romance. The next thing they know, they were gone, no more nominations, no more voting nothing. Now, all white authors, white characters and white everything. No culture, no different ethnicity nothing. In other words Ecata romance does not want a black/ethnic author/books to win. What did they think that we wouldn't notice? We are that stupid! We noticed because we were voting for these two authors! Then to add insult to injury, ecata has disabled their contact us link so you cant contact them! There excuse? Some books were from 2008!

I know for a fact that Aliyah Burke's book "An Unlikely Encounter" has been out since 2007! How do I know? I bought a copy the day it was released! Wanna try another excuse? The truth is you people are racist and it seem you don't realised that we are living in the year 2008 and bullshit like that will NOT be tolerated. And because you disabled your contact info, doesn't mean that we wont find a way to get through to you...In today's society, there are tons of Interracial real couples out there and I am sick and tired of people acting like it's not possible.

This is where one of the books were for voting: it's not there anymore.

I am going to dig into this as deep as possibly and make sure the people are Ecata face up to what they have done.