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Author Paradise

Friday, February 8, 2008

Lyrical Press er Dragonspell er....

Hello my lovelies,
It seems some people dont ever get sick of petty things. As far as what I can uncover (I mean really, it's all over the internet) the owner of Lyrical Press (AKA Dragon Spell) Rene Rocco aka Lyons used to do covers for Red Rose Publishing. For whatever reason, she is no longer doing that and opened her own company. I've been hearing that she privately wrote to authors of Red Rose asking them to join her new venture. First of all, that's illegal. You should not use information gained through working for a company to help your company. Let's say the authors did not appreciate this since Rene wrote them at their private emails.

Now, it seems that Rene is going around spreading rumors about Red Rose so I did some checking. Here's what I have found. *puts on a rather impressive Sherlock Holmes hat*

Red Rose publishing is an epublisher. It is listed as an LLC so legally they can publish your work. It was started by Wendi Felter . Authors gets monthly statements on time as well as they are paid on time every month. They WELCOME multicultural/interracial work (this can be proven by their scores of IR authors), gay romance etc. They reply to readers personally and it is reported that Wendi is very accessible by email, IM and telephone.

Rene Rocco on the other hand is not so favorable. Lyrical Press has not been opened yet and already two authors have jumped ship. Though one author refuse to comment (and I assumed the other would not comment either *sigh*) this Diva will assume it was contract issues. They've changed their name from Dragon Spell to Lyrical (it is rumored that it is because Dragon Spell is tainted all over the internet) But anyways, if you go here ( you will find some other unfavourable reports as well as here ( and the list goes on.

*sigh* now who would you rather publish your work?

Will keep you updated on that.

As of this blog, I have gotten no response from Ocean's Mist Press and it doesn't seem as though I will be getting one. So authors BEWARE.

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