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Author Paradise

Friday, February 1, 2008

*UPDATE* Well Ecata apparently cant stand the heat...

Well guys,
This update is gonna be quick. Well Ecata probably was tired of the emails. I sent them one too asking some pointed question like what the hell they were thinking and all of a sudden this was put up:

Here is the link:

Aliyah Burke is 2nd for Best Romance 2007, she lost by 20 votes.
Shara Azod won all of her catagories.

Nice work and congratulations to 2 very talented authors!

To everyone who wrote a letter to Ecata, thank you, you have done a wonderful service to these authors because we KNOW they are amazing writers! Now, Ecata may think that because they changed their websites that everyone is going to forget and we can't find it again? But guess what Ecata : Once you put things on the internet? IT'S OUT THERE! YOU CAN'T TAKE IT BACK! Trust me on that one.

OMP Update:

I have sent an email to OMP:

I have questions about OMP.

Why is it your website is up and selling author works, when staff has gone MIA at OMP for months and you have obviously violated the authors' contracts?
When are you going to pay the authors you have and how do they know that they didn't sell anything more than what you're giving them?
Do you know that authors can legally send their work to other publishing houses because from reading your contract it went null and void after you went mising for months?
Why are you still recruiting new authors when you cannot pay the old ones?
Please note that should you not reply to these questions, you will be held accountable on Writer's Dish. This is your chance to shed some light on the story and tell your side.

Author Crusader--

Let's see what happens...

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