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Author Paradise

Friday, February 1, 2008

Racism for Interracials Romance

Ok Guys, here's something that pisses me off. Memo to Ecata Romance - Slavery and segregation is over! Why would you take down the Interracials for all white characters? I am tired of being politically correct. So as of right now, PC is out the window.

Aliyah Burke and Shara Azod were nominated for an award with Ecata romance. The next thing they know, they were gone, no more nominations, no more voting nothing. Now, all white authors, white characters and white everything. No culture, no different ethnicity nothing. In other words Ecata romance does not want a black/ethnic author/books to win. What did they think that we wouldn't notice? We are that stupid! We noticed because we were voting for these two authors! Then to add insult to injury, ecata has disabled their contact us link so you cant contact them! There excuse? Some books were from 2008!

I know for a fact that Aliyah Burke's book "An Unlikely Encounter" has been out since 2007! How do I know? I bought a copy the day it was released! Wanna try another excuse? The truth is you people are racist and it seem you don't realised that we are living in the year 2008 and bullshit like that will NOT be tolerated. And because you disabled your contact info, doesn't mean that we wont find a way to get through to you...In today's society, there are tons of Interracial real couples out there and I am sick and tired of people acting like it's not possible.

This is where one of the books were for voting: it's not there anymore.

I am going to dig into this as deep as possibly and make sure the people are Ecata face up to what they have done.

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