Author Paradise

Author Paradise

Friday, March 28, 2008

No More Mrs. Nice Crusader

Hello guys,
Well I didn't want it to come to this but I am sick and tired of this damn yo-yoing by OMP. So this morning, I wrote a letter to their hoster asking what they intended to do about OMP. As of now I will keep the Host's name out of this (though some of you may already know it) but I will wait for their reply before.

One day they are gone, the next they are back and the authors who are still on their site is still being sold via the bestseller's list.

Blind Date by Veronica Tower
Having His Baby by Candy Caine
The Truth About Kevin by Felicia...
Truth Be Known by Essence
Close Shave by Veronica Tower
Not Another Dateless Valentine's...
Never Change A Thing by Candy Caine
Valentine Love by Felicia Anthony
What Comes Up by Essence
Strip Poker by Veronica Tower

See what Imean? This is getting out of hand and I for one will not be sitting back and watch thise go on. I mean these authors have entertained me with their works/work and they don't deserve this.

Royally Pissed

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