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Author Paradise

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, some people just dont learn..

Well beautiful readers,

Have I got a scoop for you. Well today I went about checking my email (sorry I have been swamped for the past two weeks so if you've emailed me I'll email you back as soon as I can). I'm sure you all remember Mardi Gras Publishing and the drama that happened there? Authors that wrote Multicultural/Interracial books weren't being Promoted as such, Authors that had black characters in their stories had no black characters on their covers, people weren't getting paid and the list goes on and on! It seems since I started this little venture, every email I've gotten has been about Ocean's Mist and Mardi Gras. But anyways, Mardi Gras has been under for a few months now but the owner, Teresa Wayne had started a new venture called L.A Media. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying she cannot start a new business but it doesnt take a damn monkey to figure out that you should square off with the old business before you start a new one!

There are many old MGP authors that are still quite mad at that had happened to them, the things that were being said about them and the rights to their stories that they hadnt gotten back! Give back the damn rights even if you're not going to pay them their money! But I'm doing the digression thing again. Anways,

Here's some information that has come across my inbox that I wish to share with you. on top of it trying to collect money on the very same book which the proceeds should have gone to St. Jude!!! This woman needs to go to jail.,_.___


My BIG BAD ghost is under construction and has been contracted with MidnightShowcase! This title is due to release July 8, 2008. A Pirate's Love Releases February 4th and Distributed by L.A. MediaKidnapped by the worst kind of pirate scum, Gabrielle is in trouble.Is there anyone capable of saving her from the clutches of a cutthroat pirate?Or will she be forced to succumb to his sexual ravaging?Captain Marco Vega is hired to rescue a lady of substantial importance.Placing himself in danger to protect the Princess of Spain is one thing.But a simple pirate of the sea falling for Royalty is entirely out of thequestion...isn' t it? Keep your eyes open for more exciting news from Teresa Wayne!

Now, my lovely readers, this annoys me. How low do you have to sink, to take money from a book that you promised that all proceeds will go to charity? All proceeds honey, means that for as long as the book his being published, EVERYTHING THE BOOK MAKES GOES TO SAID CHARITY!

I wonder if Barnes and Noble know that they are in essence publishing an illegal book? Or Midnight Showcase? Anways I will keep you all updated to the going ons in the world of MGP.

Oh and an OMP update.

Apparently OMP has emailed authors telling them that they will all be paid by March and then it will business as usual. I'm sorry I have to throw in some words of advice here.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. If you authors fall for this bullshit again, I swear you some gullible people.

Writer Dish

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Aliyah Burke said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on the goings on.
I agree that if y'all don't learn...shame on you.
I was an OMP author and am still waiting on my royalties. I've been waiting for at least a year now. So please, if they do open again, stay far away from the snakes that are lurking behind those doors.
~Aliyah Burke