Author Paradise

Author Paradise

Monday, January 28, 2008

And here we go again!

Hello there lovelies, It seem Teresa Wayne is trying to justify her actions...I'm sorry but this is downright pathetic. She got caught in a few lies including something that yours truly posted. This woman just wont quit. She keeps crawling out from under her rock, pissing people off and crawling back under her rock when she doesnt get what she wants. Read for yourself:

I have to warn you, my lovelies, it's a long one because you know when you LIE you have you have to find fifty million more lies to cover that one lie? I am just so sick and tired of e-publishing getting a bad name because of bad apples like that! Even people that I thought were her friends are saying they want nothing to do with her! She lies and lies and lies and lies then going on about she was going to bed because it seem that civilized conversation couldn't be held over a blog! Like hell! I can give specific examples of the crap she put my girls through but I'm not going to go there because my girls want nothing more to do with this woman and her bullshit.

Advice time: If you had work with this woman, check every possible place to see if she is still selling them. Check fictionwise, B & N, Mobi, Amazon (dot com and dot ca). Check it all! Because this woman is claiming she is only selling her works and her friends' work when she is also selling stuff from Ann Cory, Leah Vaughn and Cara North. And these are only people I've seen so far they could be more. And talk to a lawyer to cover your butt because this woman is nothing but trouble. I try to give everyone a second chance, but in that one link above, she has gotten chance after chance after chance and has shut down each one. She cannot be trusted, not as the owner of a publisher or as an author. Because you don't know where here stories litteraly has been. If you are a publisher reading this, I am NOT saying that you should not consider or publisher her work, I am saying WATCH YOUR BACK!

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